What Are the Guidelines for Paying Massachusetts Excise Tax?

What Are the Guidelines for Paying Massachusetts Excise Tax?

The Massachusetts fuel excise tax is paid monthly by fuel wholesalers, the vehicle excise tax is paid annually by vehicle owners, and the corporate excise tax is also paid annually. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue website provides details and guidelines for these and the numerous other state excise taxes.

Other Massachusetts excise taxes include taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, room occupancy and satellite dishes. Some excise taxes are paid by producers or wholesalers, with the tax reflected in the price paid by consumers. Some local authorities impose additional excise taxes in addition to the state taxes.

Vehicle owners pay vehicle excise taxes to the city or town in which the vehicle is predominantly used as part of the annual vehicle registration process. Some cities, such as Boston, offer owners the ability to pay taxes online. A separate vehicle excise tax applies to vehicle dealers to register license plates.

Fuel wholesalers collect and remit fuel excise taxes to the Department of Revenue by the 20th of each month. The tax is included in the per gallon rate consumers pay at the pump.

Corporations pay the corporate excise tax each year by the 15th day of the third month following the end of the company's fiscal year. The tax is calculated based on a company's net income and taxable property. The minimum corporate excise tax is $456, as of March 2015.