What Are Some Guidelines for Giving Holiday Gratuities?


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The amount of holiday gratuity to give someone depends on what that person does for you during the year. While people like delivery persons and garbage collectors should receive a small gift, personal employees should receive a gratuity of up to one week's wages.

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A gift of between $10 and $30 is appropriate for a regular delivery person or garbage collector. Keep in mind that the U.S. Postal Service prohibits its employees from receiving cash, gift cards or expensive non-perishable items. Therefore, show your mail carrier your appreciation with candy, baked goods or a small gift. Consider giving a superintendent, doorman or dedicated parking attendant a slightly larger gift of up to $100.

For people who you pay by the job, give a gratuity equal to the average cost of one job. For instance, tip your barber or hairdresser an amount equal to the typical cost of a haircut.

While a week's salary is appropriate for most regular employees, those hired through an agency may be prohibited from receiving cash or large gifts. If this is the case, show your appreciation with a small item or a gift card of at most $20.

Cash gifts to professors or teachers are generally considered in poor taste and may actually be explicitly prohibited at some schools. Show these professionals you care with a small, thoughtful, non-cash gift.

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