What Are Some Guidelines for Creating a Company Profile Layout?

Guidelines for creating a company profile include ensuring it has a mission statement, a message from the company leader, a summary of the company history and what the company does, milestones and successes, and any awards and certification the company has. Financial performance and social responsibility are also important to incorporate into a company profile.

The mission statement is the first item in the company profile, and it provides the reason the company exists. The message from the company leader is usually from the president or chief officer of the company. The history of the company provides some details on how the company started and how far it's come, including the challenges and successes the company has faced along the way.

A section of any certifications and awards the company has achieved goes into the company profile. The financial performance section should provide the company's recent financial information. The social responsibility section provides an outline about how the company works to meet the needs and expectations of the company shareholders.

If a profile is needed for a bid, the buyer may request a certain layout of the profile beforehand. Some company profiles may also include information regarding employees and references from other customers or clients.