What Are Some Guidelines for Answering Tough Interview Questions?


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To answer tough interview questions, look at any potential drawbacks of the resume or application and prepare to answer them. For example, a gap in employment doesn’t look great on a resume, but it can be explained. This is a common interview question and one that is sometimes difficult to answer, so it helps to be fully prepared for it beforehand.

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A good way to handle the gaps in employment question is to mention something positive about that time period between work. This could include going back to school, getting training or volunteering for a local organization.

Another hard question is when the interviewer asks about a time you failed. This is a tricky question to answer because you may not want to mention any negative qualities. For this question, think about a failure that resulted in a positive outcome. Be honest and upfront, but don’t forget to mention how it was resolved. For a hypothetical example, it could be that you were having trouble balancing different assignments and fell behind on a big project, but then you turned it around by stopping the micro-managing and focusing on one project at a time.

If the interviewer asks about your greatest weaknesses, it is best that you are honest and not mention weaknesses that are complimentary. Don't mention that your weakness is you work too hard. Instead, turn a weakness into something you learned to improve, such as working to be more organized in the office.

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