What Is the Guideline for Shipping Charges When Selling Through a Flea Market?

When determining what shipping amount to charge a buyer on an online flea market, a seller can choose to set a flat shipping rate for all similar items, offer free shipping or use an online calculator to estimate the actual shipping costs. Sellers should consult the specific flea market site for any restrictions on allowable charges.

Flat and free shipping charges are the easiest options for the seller and are appealing to customers but can cut into profits. A seller should weigh the potential increase in sales against the cost of shipping when considering these options. Comparing the shipping costs of similar items from other sellers can help the seller decide.

Estimating the actual shipping costs best ensures that the seller recoups all shipping expenses. After the seller has taken the pictures necessary for the online listing but before listing the item, the seller should package the item for shipping to get the most accurate dimensions and weight of the shipping package.

Enter the package weight, dimensions and ZIP codes for the shipping origin and destination into a shipping company's online calculator to estimate the actual shipping cost. If using the U.S. Postal Service, the seller has the option of flat rate boxes, which have the same costs for domestic shipping regardless of destination or weight.