What Is a Guardian Dental PPO Plan?


Guardian Dental PPO plans offer dental coverage with preferred network dentists and some dentists outside of the preferred network. As of 2015 dental patients receive an average savings of 32 percent on dental treatments with over 94,000 dentists around the country, claims The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

Guardian PPO plans cover preventative care and a variety of more extensive services such as root canals, according to the company's website. These plans offer claim processing within 48 hours and allow unused funds to rollover to the next period. There is online assistance with finding a dentist, reviewing benefits, and estimating and tracking the cost of dental care.

Guardian's plans are available through state insurance exchanges at a variety of different levels of coverage and out-of-pocket expenses, as the company reports. Its dental plans are available through many employers, but plans are also available separately from other types of insurance through online insurance marketplaces.

Around 70 percent of dental plans are preferred provider organizations, or PPOs, says Bankrate. PPOs offer buyers a little more choice than an HMO does but with higher out-of-pocket cost. PPOs provide access to a selection of in-network dentists at lower rates for services, or the patient sees his choice of out-of-network dentist at a higher cost, reports Bankrate.