Does Green Tree Mortgage Get Positive Reviews?


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Green Tree Mortgage generally does not receive positive reviews, as of 2015, with reviewers giving it an average overall satisfaction rating of one star out of five, according to ConsumerAffairs. Common complaints about Green Tree Mortgage cite poor customer service and threats of foreclosure despite customers making payments on time.

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Other common complaints about Green Tree Mortgage have stated rude customer service representatives, sending customers notices of a late payment even though payment was made on time, failing to process payments, and changing fixed interest rates without notice or authorization, reports ConsumerAffairs. There is one positive review on ConsumerAffairs reporting Green Tree assisted the customer when he fell behind on payments.

Many reviewers reported an inability to reach customer service representatives and the website being inaccessible for long periods of time as common issues of Green Tree, according to Yelp. Reviewers gave Green Tree an average rating of one star out of five.

As of 2105, Green Tree Servicing failed eight of the mortgage settlement compliance tests required by a 2012 mortgage settlement agreement, reports Mortgage Servicing News. Reasons Green Tree Servicing failed to meet compliance include failure to accurately state in claims and affidavits the amount borrowers owed, an inability to determine at the time of foreclosure if loans were indeed delinquent, and failure to provide notification of foreclosure to borrowers.

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