Why Is Green Marketing Important?

Green marketing enables companies to satisfy the expectations of customers, communities and government leaders regarding environmentally friendly operations. Companies at the forefront of green marketing may attract more customers and generate greater revenue. Also, the push for green marketing impacts preservation of natural resources upon which companies rely.

Customers and communities, as of 2014, have increased expectations that companies make a profit while practicing sustainability. Therefore, it is not only beneficial to use green marketing, but customers may even have concerns about a company's activities if they don't communicate their environmental practices. Companies that innovate in recycling programs, green production and other ways may gain an edge with the most discerning customers. In some cases, customers pay premium prices to companies that offer green-friendly products and services.

The push for green marketing also affects the way companies operate. To ethically promote environmental responsibility, a company must practice what it preaches. Therefore, companies participate in recycling, renewal practices and reuse programs that help preserve natural resources. Sustainability of resources not only benefits the planet, but it allows companies to rely on optimized use of these resources for production well into the future. Green marketing also keeps environmental concerns at the forefront of the public mindset, causing other companies to act in kind.