How Does the Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card Work?

A Green Dot prepaid debit card works by letting users deposit a balance onto the card and spend it anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard debit cards or credit cards. Green Dot cards work for online purchases, paying bills or for purchases in stores.

Green Dot prepaid cards are available in store or online, as of September 2015. Users purchase a Green Dot card at a participating retail location such as CVS, Kroger, Walgreens or Walmart and register it online. Alternatively, users register for cards online and receive the card in the mail customized with the user’s name. Any Green Dot card is compatible with the Green Dot app, which tracks purchase activity and deposit activity and allows fund management via mobile devices.

Green Dot cards are compatible with direct deposit and can receive payroll funds or government benefits directly in lieu of a bank account. Online, users add funds to Green Dot cards using a linked bank account or by adding a direct deposit account to the card without any additional fee. In store, users add funds by cashing a check directly toward the card’s balance or by loading cash, which incurs a service fee. Green Dot users can withdraw cash from the card using a MoneyPass ATM for no fee.