What Is a Green Dot MoneyPak Card?


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The Green Dot MoneyPak cards were a type of prepaid debit card; customers could put money on the card and then use it to pay for purchases at retailers or online. Green Dot decided to cancel the MoneyPak cards in early 2015.

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The company's decision was based in part on the fact that MoneyPak cards were being used for a variety of online scams, including the FBI MoneyPak Ransom Virus. This virus locked a computer, showing a message that claimed to be from the FBI and stated that the person was being investigated for a crime and could cancel the investigation by making a payment with a Green Dot MoneyPak card.

The MoneyPak cards featured a PIN code on the back that could be used to access the money on the card. These cards were popular with online scammers because it was possible for them to steal the money from the card if they knew the PIN code.

Green Dot has announced that they are replacing the MoneyPak cards with a new type of card known as Reload @ the Register. With these cards, customers can simply swipe their card at a special terminal and then use the terminal to add money to the card. These terminals are available at most retailers that used to sell the MoneyPak cards.

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