How Do You Get Grants for College?

How Do You Get Grants for College?

How Do You Get Grants for College?

Get grants for college by applying with your school's financial aid department. Private grants may also be available through organizations and donors. These sometimes have their own application process.

  1. Visit the financial aid department

    Most colleges have financial aid departments. Visit to get help with determining which grants are right for you. Federal and state agencies offer grants to qualifying students.

  2. Fill out your federal paperwork

    All students generally need to fill out a federal student aid form. This makes you eligible for consideration for numerous loans and grants.

  3. Search a grant database

    Some private donors and organizations offer grants for qualifying students. Qualifications vary between grants. You may be eligible if you are in a specific field of study, have high scholastic achievements, are in the military, or if you have certain disabilities. Some ethnic groups may also qualify for grants.

  4. Apply for grants

    Once you have compiled information for all the grants for which you are eligible, fill out your applications. Make sure you have all paperwork and identification on hand. If you need help, ask a financial aid official at your school.

  5. Be patient

    It may take several weeks to hear back about grant funding. Your school typically lets you know if you are approved for funding.