What Are Some Grants Available to Women?

What Are Some Grants Available to Women?

Some grants for women include the Huggies MomInspired Grant Program, Raise The Nation grants, and peaChic Grants. In addition, collegiate grants for women are awarded by a number of educational associations.

The Huggies MomInspired Grant Program awards money to women with original ideas for new products. The product ideas do not need to be diapers or hygiene. The program also offers grants for new businesses, along with resources for starting a business.

Raise The Nation offers monetary grants to women in need who are single parents. Grants are awarded to women for repaying student debt. The organization also provides grants for single parent women who want to further their education.

Established by business women, peaChic gives corporate-sponsored financial assistance to women with a dream of starting their own business. Female business owners who are looking to expand their business are also awarded grants. In addition, businesses that are focused on women are eligible for aid. Open to nationwide applicants, the organization awards grants four times per year.

Collegiate grants for women are offered by organizations such as the American Association of University Women, the Association For Women In Mathematics, the Association for Women In Science, and the International Federation of University Women's Fellowships and Grants. These organizations provide financial assistance for paying college tuition.