What Are Some Grandparent Interview Questions?

Grandparents-Day says that, when interviewing a grandparent, it is important to tap into their immense history by asking questions regarding childhood and growing up. Ask what they wanted to be when they grew up. Find out what challenges they overcame in order to reach those goals. Answers to questions like these can provide a deluge of information, and they are still applicable today.

Apart from basic grandparent interview questions, such as those regarding family history, other more in-depth questions give an opportunity for a grandparent to impart some advice and wisdom. Story Corps says to ask if they have any regrets. One great grandparent interview questions ask what they would do differently if they had time to do it over again. The answers to these questions vary, but each shows the satisfaction that a grandparent has had in life.

Another insightful grandparent interview question is "Did you learn from the mistakes you made?" For any young person looking to start a career, asking a question like this shows the benefit of looking toward the future and not focusing on the past. Grandparent interview questions are designed in a way to learn as much as possible about the life journey taken by the older relative. Grandparents are usually excited to answer any questions because the process helps them to reflect on what has passed.