What Do Grand & Toy Sell?

What Do Grand & Toy Sell?

Grand & Toy sells office supplies, furniture and technology to the Canadian market, as well as providing printing and document services. Some of the office supplies offered include paper, binders, calendars, binders and pens. They also sell highlighters, markers, printer ink and toner.

Available organizational supplies for workers include Rolodex and business card displays, pen holders and desktop trays. Grand & Toy offers sells office furnishings, including desks, chairs, laptop stands, book cases, storage units, filing cabinets and utility shelves. Office accessories such as boards, screens, coat hangers and chair mats are also available.

Grand & Toy sells the technology needed in most offices, including computer equipment such as keyboards, webcams, hard drives and flash drives, printers, scanners and fax machines. They offer telephones and headsets as well as monitors and projectors for presentations. Mailing materials and packaging is also available.

Cleaning supplies available for purchase include hand soap and sanitizer, garbage cans and bags, brooms, mops, sponges, all-in-one cleaners and disinfectants. Grand & Toy provides items necessary to stock a break room, including coffee, tea, candy and snacks.

Grand & Toy was founded in 1882 and joined OfficeMax in 1996. Since the merge of Office Depot and OfficeMax, the company is wholly owned by Office Depot.