What Do Grain Hauling Jobs Consist Of?


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Grain hauling jobs consist of carrying grain from farms to storage bins or grain elevators using a truck. Farmers who hire grain hauling services pay for the same depending on the quantity of the grain they need to transport.

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Qualifying as a grain haul driver involves obtaining a commercial driver's license, and possessing physical and mental abilities needed to do the job. While the license permits the person to legally drive the truck, physical ability provides the driver the energy needed to perform activities such as entering and moving out of the cab, and driving for long hours. The mental ability, on the other hand, enables the driver to withstand long waiting and sitting periods. Additionally, the grain haul driver should possess certain essential skills for the job including truck inspection skills, which enable him to perform inspection on the truck before a journey, and skills to drive safely on poor roads.

One way to look for employment as a truck haul driver is by checking for job vacancies in the newspapers or on truck driving websites. To enhance employment chances, a grain haul driver should have a good criminal record, which enables an employer to entrust him with the grain, and experience in commercial truck driving. Some employers consider passing a drug test as a prerequisite for employment.

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