What Government Services Are Provided by Cigna?


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Cigna Government Services LLC contracts with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services agency to provide administrative services related to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The services CGS provides include claims processing, customer service, claims payment and management of durable medical equipment programs. CGS is considered both a Durable Medical Equipment Administrative Contractor and a Medicare Part A and Part B contractor.

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What Government Services Are Provided by Cigna?
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CGS has contracted with the CMS since 1966. CGS has been widely recognized for quality service, earning its certification for quality management, performance excellence and call center excellence. Medicare Part A is hospital insurance for the elderly, while Medicare Part B is insurance for medical treatments administered outside of a hospital setting. Durable equipment Medicare administration is the processing of claims for medical equipment for the Medicare program, which provides seniors with medically required devices. CGS is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., and is a subsidiary of Connecticut General Life. Connecticut General Life is in turn owned by Cigna. Cigna offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and Medicare supplement insurance. Medicare advantage is a policy that enhances the benefits of Medicare, often without increased cost to the consumer. Medicare Part D is a drug program, and Medicare supplement policies cover gaps in insurance for Medicare recipients.

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