What Are Some Government Jobs for Veterans?


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Some of the government and federal jobs available for veterans include Special Agent with agencies such as the FBI or Secret Service, security guards at government buildings, and technicians or specialists under various government agencies. It is also possible for veterans to obtain administrative or managerial positions as civilian contractors within certain military agencies, or related government programs.

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One of the most common career paths for veterans interested in obtaining a government job is to transition combat experience into a similar role, such as within law enforcement. Many veterans with experience in handling arms, dismantling explosives or training soldiers find similar positions with local and state police departments. Similarly, it is also possible for veterans to apply for positions as a Special Agent in one of the many government investigative departments, though most require the veteran to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree or equivalent education.

Security jobs at government buildings, museums and public monuments are also common among veterans because they include similar military skills of weapons handling and threat assessment. Other non-combat military skills also apply to many government jobs, including training and proficiency with communications technology or data analyses, as many federal agencies and departments employ individuals to analyze reports, handle specific equipment or to perform field studies. Such offices also regularly employ veterans to work in administrative positions, handle customer support or even public relations.

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