How Do You Get Government Grants?


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The first step to getting government grants is to visit Grants.gov. Read up on the grants that apply to your business. Fill out and send an application to the relevant office.

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  1. Analyze your business

    Analyze the service that your business provides to the community. You need to apply for a specific grant program that is relevant to your business. Businesses that are considered helpful to the community are particularly eligible for government funding.

  2. Visit the government grants website

    Log on to Grant.gov to research which grant category best fits your business model. Read up on the different categories that apply to an activity your business engages in.

  3. Take notes

    Write down a brief description of which activities the grants that apply to your business seek to fund. Note the grant number for each one. Include the closing date and the grant amount in your notes. Write down the contact information beside each grant opportunity that is related to your business.

  4. Fill out an application

    Download the application form for each relevant grant opportunity, and fill it out. Note any additional information you are required to fax or mail together with your application.

  5. Contact the grant offices

    Contact the grant office associated with each grant opportunity to find out additional details. Send the applications to the relevant offices, preferably to the attention of a specific person.

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