How Do You Get a Government Grant to Invest in Real Estate?


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To get a government grant to invest in real estate, first review public databases to identify public grants currently available, advises BiggerPockets. After finding a suitable grant, fill out a grant application completely and submit the document to the appropriate government agenct. Grants.gov is a useful resource for finding promising, current grant opportunities, BiggerPockets suggests.

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Grant monies for real estate usually are awarded as tax free, interest-free sums that buyers need not repay, according to BiggerPockets. Quite a few grants are provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Securing a real estate grant typically requires writing a grant proposal that details how the buyer plans to spend the grant money.

The U.S. government generally provides real estate grants indirectly through state and local governments, according to Money-Zine. These grants are provided to first-time home purchasers and are typically just large enough to assist buyers who can pay for most of the cost of a home and can qualify for a mortgage. Only rarely do these grants pay for more than 10 percent of any home. To qualify for federal grant programs that assist first-time home purchasers, applicants must complete HUD-approved home buying classes to learn budgeting techniques.

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