How Do You Find GovDeals Surplus Auctions in Tennessee?


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Government liquidator service GovDeals provides a search tool on its website for locating auctions in Tennessee, or any geographic region. Enter the desired postal ZIP code in the search field, and select a desired distance range. The website return a results list displaying all regional auctions.

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GovDeal's auction search tool allows the user to narrow the field by selecting categories and has a keyword function. As of July 22, 2015, there were 127 items for sale by auction within a 30-mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee, including vehicles, heavy equipment, tools and electronics.

GovDeals is a central market place by which numerous government agencies are able to sell surplus materials and goods, and confiscated items, as stated on the company website. Various public agencies from across the country can directly reach customers online. Rules, laws and regulations may apply depending on the item being sold, and according to the particular selling agency. Examples of items not commonly available to the general public, but available on GovDeals, include fire engines, garbage trucks, and medical supplies and drugs.

A wide range of public entities sell items on GovDeals, from law enforcement to sanitation departments, explains GovDeals. In addition to searching by location, all items can be browsed by dozens of categories, with item tallies beside each category listing.

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