How Do You Get Free Google Play Codes?


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Get free Google Play codes through various websites and applications by completing surveys and earning points. There are many websites that claim to give out free codes without the user having to do anything. These websites are usually scams, and users try them at their own risk.

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Users who register their devices on their phone brand's website may be eligible to receive discounts as well as promotions, including free Google Play credit. These promotions typically do not last long and are not always available. However, they are the most legitimate and typically give larger sums of credit. In 2013, Samsung provided $50 in Google Play credit to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users who registered their phones. In 2015, Google gave out $6 in Google Play credit to Chromecast owners for a Valentine's Day promotion.

The Google Opinion Rewards application gives out free Google Play credit for users taking surveys. The application is used by companies and marketers to pinpoint their demographics and user needs. Questions about political affiliation and place residence may be asked in exchange for credit. The amount of credit given is usually very small per survey, such as 11 cents, but it does add up over time.

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