What Is a Goodwill Value Chart?


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A Goodwill value chart shows the sale prices of items sold in its stores. The chart estimates the value of donations made to Goodwill by the public. Donors receive receipts for their donations, allowing for tax deductions. The IRS permits donors to deduct fair market value of items that are in good or gently used condition. The value of any item not on the Goodwill value chart is determined using 30 percent of its original price.

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Donation categories on the Goodwill value chart include clothing, furniture, appliances, dry goods and computer equipment. Adult clothing values range from $4 for shirts and pants to $96 for two-piece suits, while children's clothing values range from $2 for shirts and pants to $10 for coats and snowsuits, as of 2015.

Dry goods items include pillows, sheets, rugs, drapes and books, with values ranging from less than $1 to $23. Loose books are valued individually, while sets or series are given an all-encompassing value.

Furniture selections at Goodwill locations include floor lamps and table lamps, with values between $3 and $34, along with large furniture items such as sofas and sets of tables and chairs, valued from $35 to $395.

Goodwill also accepts used vehicles, but refers donors to local chapters for valuations.

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