Does Goodwill Pick up Donations?

Most Goodwill stores pick up donations from local donors, according to the frequently-asked-questions section on the Goodwill Industry International's official website. However, the website advises that donors contact their local Goodwill locations to find out if pick-up service is available in a specific area. The website offers a link to a locator tool that allows visitors to search for local Goodwill locations by ZIP code or city and state combination or choose a location from a map.

All Goodwill stores have locations throughout the neighborhoods where they are located that accept dropped off donations. Usually, smaller items should be brought to the Goodwill location to be donated, while Goodwill arranges pick-ups for larger items, such as furniture and appliances. Many have outdoor bins that allow for donations to be dropped off after hours, according to the Goodwill's website.

Goodwill uses the money generated from the sale of donated items to fund initiatives to help underprivileged people find and keep jobs. Items that are donated but not sold are used in other ways. For example, Goodwill locations in some areas recycle used clothing that does not sell into cleaning cloths and sells them to industrial buyers, and it sells damaged items that do not sell to salvage brokers.