What Are Some Good Work-From-Home Jobs?

What Are Some Good Work-From-Home Jobs?

What Are Some Good Work-From-Home Jobs?

Some of the best work-from-home jobs include virtual assistant, medical transcriptionist, website designer, writer and travel agent, according to ABC News. Each career has its own set of requirements.

Work-at-home jobs are becoming more popular among retirees looking to supplement their incomes, parents who want to spend more time with their kids, and people with disabilities, as stated by Bankrate.

A virtual assistant can be different things to different people, which makes this a wide-open job title. People can start their own virtual assistant companies or work with established businesses.

Medical transcriptionists listen to and type up dictation from doctors and can earn competitive wages by working from home.

Website designers design custom websites for individuals and companies. They must be fluent in coding, template design and website hosting, and listings for new website designer jobs are posted on different websites.

Content writing and editing is another option, and many who write for various websites or own and operate blogs do so from home. Salaries vary for this type of work.

Other work-from-home job opportunities include travel agent, franchise owner, call center employee, tech support specialist and teacher. Each career opportunity offers specific benefits, and each requires a different skill set.