What Are Good Work-at-Home Ideas for Seniors?

What Are Good Work-at-Home Ideas for Seniors?

Good work-at-home ideas for seniors include working as a customer service representative, babysitter, writer and editor, or tutor. Senior citizens should be wary of work-at-home opportunities that require paying a fee or purchasing a handbook.

Some organizations hire work-at-home customer service representatives. Basic equipment required for this type of job include computer, a good Internet connection and dedicated telephone land-line. Previous customer service experience is a bonus when applying for this type of job.

Seniors who have experience with children may also find jobs babysitting. Family members and neighbors can form the initial client base. Placing advertisements in local newspapers and coffee shops is a good way to market babysitting services to the wider community. Mobility is essential, especially when watching young children.

Seniors with a passion for writing can find jobs in freelance writing or editing. Those with technical expertise can benefit from organizations hiring technical editors and writers. There are also freelance job opportunities available for writing and editing professional resumes from home. Basic requirements for this kind of work include a computer and good Internet connection.

Lastly, retired teachers can work from home tutoring older students. Tutoring younger children generally requires simple proficiency in a particular subject. Neighborhood parents can make up the initial clients and later refer or recommend the services to other parents. There are also opportunities to tutor online from home.