What Are Some Good Ways to Use Drop Cards?


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One way to use drop cards effectively is to give them to audience members when they are at a show, either by using them to sell digital downloads directly to audience members or crafting a marketing campaign. You can also use drop cards by leaving them in busy locations.

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A drop card is a small business card that, when folded, looks like a $20 or $100 bill. It gets its name from the fact that it was dropped at locations and individuals picked it up thinking it was a bill. Leaving them in busy locations is important, but it is important to increase the likelihood that the audience has time to look at the content and that the right sector is chosen for whatever is marketed. This is why a band using them at one of its concerts with its audience is effective.

Other locations that may prove effective include airplanes. Boarding a plane early and putting drop cards in the magazine racks makes it likely that passengers look at them and that they have time to read the content. Leaving them in books at bookstores allows for narrowing the target market by predicting the books such a segment is likely to read. Other areas for which specific markets can be targeted include waiting rooms and restaurants.

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