What Are Some Good Ways to Sell Silverware for Cash?

On the website moneytalksnews.com, antiques expert Steve Yvaska says to get the best cash price for silverware, one should research its value and then sell it directly through an online ad or on an auction site such as eBay. Sellers might also look for private collectors in newspapers or online.

To research the value of silverware, sellers can consult local antique shops and dealers, visit antique fairs and museum special events, consult price guides and reference books, and speak to auction houses and professional appraisers. This will give the seller information about the pieces they own and what a fair price might be.

While sellers will get the best prices by selling directly to buyers or private collectors through an ad or auction site, there are other places silver can be sold for cash. Sellers might also consider auction houses, antique dealers, companies that sell replacements for dinner services, jewelers, coin stores and pawn shops.