What Are Some Good Ways to Promote a Positive Attitude in the Workplace?

What Are Some Good Ways to Promote a Positive Attitude in the Workplace?

To promote a positive attitude in the workplace, set a positive example, use positive phrases, show appreciation for employees and address employees with negative attitudes. Employee incentive programs, training, support and company retreats are some specific programs and tools for improving attitude around the office.

Managers often set the tone for a workplace. If the manager or owner is negative, criticizes employees, intimidates staff, is never satisfied or uses negative motivation, the general tone of the office is likely negative. It's difficult for staff to maintain positive attitudes in a negative environment.

Learning to reframe negative events helps foster a positive environment. Instead of coming down on employees and calling a campaign a complete failure, acknowledge the lack of effectiveness and focus on regrouping to fix the problem.

Showing appreciation for the work employees do is a simple way to inspire a positive attitude. Most people want to hear positive feedback and receive acknowledgement for their hard work. Taking the time to notice and acknowledge accomplishments may encourage employees to work harder and stay positive.

One negative employee often causes negativity throughout the workplace, even when other employees work well together or generally have a positive attitude. Meeting with that employee to discuss the negativity gives one a chance to create an action plan to overcome that negativity. Set specific goals to improve the employee's attitude.