What Are Some Good Ways to Price a Grass-Cutting Job?


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Ascertaining the average cost of grass-cutting services in a particular area and getting an overall sense of what consumers spend on lawn maintenance are some good ways to price a grass cutting job. Each method is effective on its own or in combination with other methods.

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Using a price breakdown for services from several local, existing businesses is one way to determine what to charge in relation to business expenses. Market rates in Fairfax County, Virginia, range from approximately $25 to $55 for a townhouse, 1/4-acre lot, 1/3-acre lot or 1/2-acre lot.

To buttress information about market rates, there are statistics on HomeAdvisor.com that indicate the average amount nationally that consumers spend on lawn-mowing services, which is $30 to $80 per visit as of 2015. Grass-cutting prices tend to stay within 15 percent of the average rate for a given area.

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