What Are Some Good Ways for a Person to Become a Copywriter?


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Education and working experience in either an agency or a corporate are good ways for a person to become a copywriter. Additionally, reading and specialty training are often needed to grow in a copywriting career.

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Although some people succeed in becoming a copywriter without a formal education, a degree in journalism or marketing is advantageous. These courses teach learners important skills such as conducting research and meeting deadlines. Studying marketing also helps a future copywriter to understand the human psychology behind purchase decisions.

Individuals can start building up a portfolio of best writing samples when they are still at university. That would give them an advantage in getting a job. After university, they can take an unpaid or low-paid internship to keep building their portfolio. Good sources for finding internship opportunities are job boards, company websites and university career sections.

After the internship, future copywriters can get a junior position at a creative agency or in a company. It is a good idea to develop one or two specialties. Some copywriters work for many different industries, but a specialized copywriter often gets paid more for his work. Therefore, a copywriter should always learn more about marketing trends and the industries he is interested in. Short training courses, webinars and conferences are good ways to do so.

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