What Are Some Good Ways to Help Other People?


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Some good ways to help other people are to give them a smile, to pay attention to what they're saying, to donate things that others need and to give time and effort. Connecting a person to someone else or to an opportunity can also help.

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A smile needs no planning, costs nothing and can make the recipient feel good. Smiles work on family, friends and co-workers, but also on the cashier at the store and passersby on the street.

Listening shows caring and makes the speaker feel that her thoughts or feelings are valid. It's not enough to passively let someone talk; the listener must pay attention so he can give a helpful response.

Donating goods or money to charity or giving a gift to someone who has mentioned needing something provides tangible help. Spending time with someone who does not get out much, cooking a meal or a treat, and offering skills such as home repair or tutoring for free are ways to help by doing. Facilitating a person's networking efforts with introductions, leads and references helps with job searches, business development and admission to schools.

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