What Are Some Good Ways to Motivate Employees Besides Money?

good-ways-motivate-employees-besides-money Credit: Mike Kemp/Blend Images/Getty Images

Besides money, good ways to motivate employees include providing training opportunities for career growth, offering flexible scheduling to facilitate work-life balance, maintaining a respectful workplace, and listening to and understanding employee suggestions and complaints. Consistently valuing employees and treating them with respect creates an environment that nourishes allegiance and trust, and it motivates employees to put forth their best work.

Guiding and supporting an employee through training and coursework demonstrates faith and interest in the employee's value and capabilities. Providing avenues for professional development gives staff members the opportunity to advance their careers and attain their goals. Without hope for future improvement and advancement, employees may lose drive and choose to seek jobs elsewhere.

Flexibility regarding shift times, time off and special considerations for family commitments are incentivizing factors because employees appreciate a degree of freedom that enables them to coordinate their work and home lives.

From the manager down, daily interactions that fully support workplace respect create a comfortable atmosphere, promote teamwork and build motivation. Malicious gossip, arguments and displays of temper damage loyalty and discourage cooperative production. Hearing an employee's concerns and suggestions demonstrates an openness to communication, an understanding of the employee's perspective and an appreciation of the employee's value. A respected employee is a motivated employee.