What Are Some Good Ways for a Kid to Earn Money?

good-ways-kid-earn-money Credit: Multi-bits/The Image Bank/Getty Images

There are many ways for kids to earn money. These include, but are certainly not limited to, babysitting younger kids, mowing yards and landscaping, housework and other odd jobs.

One of the first things steps in choosing how a kid can earn some money is to determine what the kid is good at -- what the kid could do well enough to earn money.

If babysitting other kids is an option, there are a couple of important factors to consider. The first would be to determine if the kid is old enough, or qualified enough, to babysit. The laws on babysitting vary from state to state. When considering babysitting, certain qualifications may help in landing more jobs. These include a first aid class and CPR certification. The rates a babysitter may charge do vary from state to state. There are babysitting rate calculators available online that take into consideration the area in which the babysitting will occur.

Another way for kids to earn money is by mowing yards for neighbors and friends in the neighborhood. There must be access to the materials needed, such as a lawn mower, gasoline for the lawnmower and accessories to use to finish up the landscaping. There are also calculators available online to help determine how much to charge for mowing a neighbor's lawn.