What Are Some Good Ways to Keep Track of Employee Names?


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Effective ways to keep track of employee names and personal information include creating a spreadsheet or word processing document with the information, creating an employee database or using a time sheet tracking program to catalog the information. Some companies may also create paper personnel files for each employee, which can include a master list of names.

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One simple method for tracking employee names is to create a spreadsheet that includes a series of columns for all relevant details, starting with names and moving on to information such as phone numbers, job titles and email addresses. An office manager or human resources representative would need to maintain the sheet to ensure the information is up to date, potentially preventing other people from editing the document to avoid accidentally deleting the information. Cloud storage or online document sharing services can help make the document available to other members of the company as necessary.

Some companies create an employee database using third party or internal programs, which allows the appropriate parties to make profiles for each member of the company. These profiles would include the employees' names and personal information, as well as emergency contacts or other notes. Many programs allow users to search the database for names or view a summary of employees in a dashboard.

Another option is to use an existing program in place at the company to track the names, such as payroll software or the tool for monitoring time sheets.

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