What Are Some Good Ways to Fix Bad Credit Yourself?


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Fix bad credit by getting an accurate credit report, correcting report errors and negotiating repayment with creditors, recommends the Federal Trade Commission. Establish credit accounts to improve credit rating, as recommended by U.S. News and World Report.

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Contact the credit bureaus for reports of your credit profile, including creditors whose reports are currently affecting your FICO score, as the FTC advises on its site.

Contact the creditors to learn options for satisfying any outstanding debt. File disputes for errors in the credit bureaus' reporting. The reporting agency has 30 days to investigate your claim of an erroneous entry, according to the FTC. Make arrangements for repayment of the debt through a payment plan or a settlement agreement.

Bolster your credit score by opening secured credit card accounts or secured loans, as recommended by U.S. News and World Report. Choose a secured card that reports your activity to the credit bureaus so that repayment activity is reflected in your credit rating.

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