What Are Some Good Ways to Come up With Names for a Startup Company?

What Are Some Good Ways to Come up With Names for a Startup Company?

To name a startup company, brainstorm words associated with the service and come up with potential names. To gauge the success of a potential name, either hire a naming firm or test the names with dummy Web pages.

A good name for any company should be unforgettable and unique. Effective names are easy to pronounce and spell. For that reason, avoid unusual spellings of words, such as "quik" for "quick." Unusual spellings make it difficult for customers to find your website.

StartupBros.com suggests using a website such as Bust-A-Name to generate lists of possible domain names. Plug the keywords into the tool. Bust-A-Name then lists domain names using those keywords that are not already in use.

Next, narrow down the list of possible names to two or three. The names should be simple and sensible. They should also represent the startup's philosophy as much as possible. While it's good to ask friends and family for advice, it's best to ask the experts, according to Entrepreneur. Naming firms are costly, but they can also generate identity work and graphics for the startup.

Alternatively, make dummy pages for each of the potential startup names, including a simple logo. Use a platform such as Facebook Ads to drive traffic to the sites. The dummy page that receives the highest conversion rate has the name that is most likely to be successful.