What Is a Good Way to Organize Your Personal Document Folders?


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A personal document filing system should be simple, colorful and use tabs and labels to designate where to place specific types of documents. Different file folder colors make general categories easily recognizable. Organizing files in alphabetical order is another way to find documents quickly.

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Organizing personal files involves deciding how to label sections and individual files. Hanging file sections include tabs that are useful for indicating what documents are held inside. For instance, a hanging file folder features a tab labeled "auto" on top. This category folder contains several individual files labeled to correspond with its subject, such as auto insurance, car title and car maintenance. Additional personal categories include topics such as family, children, health, household and travel.

Use file folders to create any number of subcategories as well, but it's not necessary to create a file for every type of document. A good way to ensure finding important paperwork quickly is to keep this information where it is easily accessible. Important documents such as birth certificates, bank records, house deeds, tax returns and wills need to be kept safe, and a file cabinet with a lock and key is a good option. Choose filing containers or cabinets with lots of room for all documents, and make a habit of filing documents regularly to avoid clutter.

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