What Is a Good Way to Come up With a Name for Your Company?


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To come up with a good name for a business, first make sure that you know the distinctive qualities of good names, then come up with a list of names and get more ideas by entering your keywords into an online tool like BustAName. Pick out the names that sound good, add them to your list and narrow the list down to about five names. Test the names on an audience, and see which ones work best.

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If you can't come up with any good names, try to think of some keywords that are related to the company's field or work, and incorporate these words in a company name. In addition, look at the company names of your successful competitors or large companies in other fields for inspiration.

BustAName allows users to enter keywords, and then it scans the Internet for available domain names that are a combination of the keywords. This tool can help you come up with some good ideas for company names, states StartupBros.com. Plus, users can be sure that they can have a website domain that is the same as the name of the company. Adding synonyms to the list can also be helpful for finding more names.

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