What Is a Good Way to Attain Forgiveness?


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Some ways to attain forgiveness include showing kindness, writing a letter, giving the person time and discussing the issue. Attaining forgiveness for wrongdoing can be difficult, but time and communication can often help resolve the conflict.

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Discussing the issue face-to-face is likely the best strategy for winning someone’s forgiveness. Talking in person, especially if it occurs after some time has passed, allows both parties to share their views and figure out each other’s perspectives. It may be difficult, but talking out a problem is generally the best strategy for resolving it.

Showing kindness to someone can be a useful way to elicit forgiveness. Performing acts of kindness, regardless of the other person’s attitude, can help remind them that you are ultimately a good person who has made a mistake. Even if the person appears unmoved by kindness, keep trying; it may be possible to reach them eventually.

Writing a letter can be another effective strategy to win someone’s forgiveness, particularly if that person is unwilling to communicate in person. A letter offers the opportunity to explain past events and express your perspective on them. By admitting wrongdoing and asking for forgiveness, you offer the other person a more honed understanding of the circumstances. Writing a letter also gives you a chance to analyze and organize your thoughts on an event, which can help lend clarity and perspective.

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