What Are Some Good Warehouse Safety Tips?


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To improve warehouse safety, employers should use anti-slip, impact-absorbent industrial floor mats in packing stations to reduce stress on the ankles, shins and knees of employees who stand in the same areas for long periods; provide mechanical equipment for lifting heavy loads to prevent musculoskeletal disorders associated with manual lifting; and ensure all floors do not have spill or tripping hazards, advises CableOrganizer.com. Another tip is to use proper overhead lighting to avoid eyestrain.

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When changing direction while carrying loads, employees should shift their feet in small steps instead of twisting their bodies, advises CableOrganizer.com. It's important that employees maintain a natural position and use their legs properly when lifting. Safe ways to store materials include evenly stacking loads and placing heavy loads in lower shelves.

The areas around shelves should have no obstructions, notes CableOrganizer.com. Forklift operators must always check the surroundings for hazardous situations before driving, and they must not exceed 5 miles per hour. Forklifts require regular maintenance, and only well-trained operators should drive them.

Safety signs, brightly colored tape and other visible warnings are essential to prevent accidental entrance to dangerous areas, states CableOrganizer.com. Other warehouse safety tips include adding sturdy handrails to dock stairs and ladders, frequently inspecting conveyors to maintain their safe conditions, and ensuring the entire warehouse is always properly ventilated.

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