What Makes a Good Help Wanted Ad?


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Good help wanted ads address the job seeker directly, identify what is unique about the position and the workplace, explain the benefits that the position offers the applicant, and use clear, widely understood job titles. Good ads also clearly identify the employer and include instructions for responding.

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When writing a help wanted ad, one should keep in mind that the ad is a marketing tool. Ads should be geared to attract the right applicants, rather than to discourage those who are not qualified by focusing less on position requirements and more on what a person in the position will do. Using "you will..." rather than "the candidate will..." speaks directly to the potential applicant. Experts recommend using active words in help wanted ads and avoiding company jargon, which is potentially unfamiliar and off-putting to otherwise qualified applicants.

Good help wanted ads include specifics rather than typical help wanted language. Good ads describe benefits such as monthly wellness leave, subsidized gym memberships or easy access to public transportation, rather than simply saying "a great place to work." Being specific about the work environment provides prospective applicants with a sense of the company's culture. Finding employees who fit into the workplace culture is as important as finding those with the required education and skills.

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