What Are Some Good Vision Statements?


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A vision statement is a one-sentence statement describing the inspirational long-term change that an organization or a program desires to achieve. Whereas a vision statement may contain information on how the organization intends to achieve the change, the integral part of the statement is what an organization intends to become.

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A good vision statement helps an organization to communicate its goals to employees and management in a concise sentence. It may inspire strategic decision-making and product development for a business because it outlines the key objectives for an organization. A single unifying vision statement unites employees to achieve company goals.

A good vision statement is directional, making clear where the organization is headed. It should be specific enough to enable decision-making and broad enough to enable innovative strategies for achieving the vision.

The statement should be clearly articulated to allow ease of understanding. Clarity allows individuals in an organization to develop a shared sense of what is important.

An effective vision statement connects the history of an organization to its desired future, giving the vision credibility. It is unique reflecting what is exceptional about the organization and why it matters. A well-crafted vision statement describes the future in a manner that is easy to envision.

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