What Are Some Good Types of Coupon Holders?


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Some types of coupon holder recommended by various experts include coupon binders and coupon filing boxes. Of these, the filing system is the easier coupon holder to establish and maintain, according to LivingWellSpendingLess. However, it also means that more time has to be invested in planning for each shopping trip.

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A good filing holder is a portable plastic file box with hanging folders inside. These folders are labeled with the dates the coupons were issued and are used to store printed coupons and whole newspaper inserts. A benefit of this holder type is that it allows space for a folder for unsorted coupons that haven't been used or sorted by date, as noted by LivingWellSpendingLess. In practice, the hanging folders are taken from the back of the box and brought to the front to start a new week.

Recommended binders for holding coupons are available as a bundled package of three called the Qubie Coupon Organization System. This includes the QubiePro Binder along with two smaller binders. The QubiePro is intended for larger grocery coupons, while the smaller binders are intended for store cards and gift cards. Each binder is filled with pages of nine-pocket transparent sheets, separated by dividers for easy organization.

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