What Are Good Types of Business to Run Online?

What Are Good Types of Business to Run Online?

Some good types of businesses to run online include freelance writing, Internet researching, networking services, buying and reselling, social media expert and copy editing. These businesses do not require a lot of capital to start but can generate a significant amount of income, notes Forbes.

Online Internet researchers are responsible for browsing through the Internet in order to come up with helpful information for their clients. To be successful in this venture, individuals need to have a computer and high-speed Internet connection. In most cases, researchers are paid around $45 per hour, noted Forbes in 2011.

Virtual assistant services are often necessary for professionals who do not have enough time to organize their own schedules and interact with clients. Virtual assistants provide services that include communications, coordination, scheduling and maintaining databases. These professionals earn more than $25 per hour.

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for translating spoken words into writing. These professionals need to have a computer, word-processing software and a transcribing unit for the work. They are paid at a starting rate of around $15 per hour.

Freelance writers are responsible for coming up with content for other industries. This content is often used in marketing or creating awareness for a certain cause. Writers can also double up as copy editors.