How do you find good TV and Internet deals?


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Finding the best deals for television and Internet involves researching plans available for the address and contacting the providers to get the best deal possible. Typically the sales departments of service providers can offer better deals than are publicly listed. Start by determining a rough idea of the desired level of service. Then read plan listings in order to find good deals on plans that meet those requirements. Finally, call the sales department to inquire about offers.

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To find plans that are available for a specific address, use a tool that searches the listings of multiple service providers such as AllConnect.com. Navigate to the website and choose the Bundles link at the top of the page. Enter a street address into the form at the top of the page and click Find Bundles Services to see plans available for that address. BroadbandExpert.com offers a similar tool that searches by ZIP code rather than street address.

Find all the available plans that offer the desired service level. Make note of their names, included services, and prices. Finally, call the sales departments of the service providers for each plan. Typically it is best to call at the end of the month when the representatives are more focused on meeting their quotas. The first deal offered may not be the best one, so ask for a lower price. If the first representative claims to be unable to offer a further discount, ask to speak with a supervisor.

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