What Are Some Good Trucking Companies in the United States?

What Are Some Good Trucking Companies in the United States?

Some popular trucking companies in the United States include J.B. Hunt, Southeastern Freight Lines, Arkansas Best and C.H. Robinson Worldwide. Other companies of good standing include FedEx and United Parcel Service.

The freight firm of Southeastern Freight Lines operates in the southeast United States as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The firm has a rating equivalent to Costco and GE on reputed review sites such as Glassdoor. It is a family-owned firm that is very popular for its excellent benefits and company values.

Arkansas Best has a performance rating that matches that of Starbucks. Operating across the country, this trucking firm also carries packages to Canada and Puerto Rico and is known for good salaries and a great work culture.

FedEx is another leader in the field with its absolute dedication to deadlines. Three out of every four of their employees list the company as their preferred choice of employer as of 2015.

C.H. Robinson was created in 1905 and has since grown to become the largest provider of third-party logistics in the world. It has offices in North and South America, Europe and Asia, and the company uses every kind of transport provider on land, air and sea.

The United Parcel Service employs a large fleet of drivers, and their salaries are listed among the best in the industry. Getting in as a driver is not easy, as employees tend to remain over the long term. Most people enter as parcel sorters and work their way up to become drivers.