What Are Some Good Travel Jobs for Seniors?


Some common options for seniors who want to incorporate work and travel are teaching English abroad, working as a travel agent, working as a traveling nurse or doctor, or working as a cruise line employee. Depending on education and background, there are many good travel jobs for seniors to choose.

One of the best options for travel jobs is a traveling nurse. In many cases, traveling nurses serve on the staff for hospital assignments for several months at a time. This job does require nurses to move around as needed, but often provides free housing and benefits.

Working as a cruise line employee is also a great option for seniors because cruise lines offer positions in a number of areas, such as human resources, guest services, entertainment and food departments. These options allow for flexibility depending on how relaxed or active a senior worker wants to be. One of the most popular cruise lines for these opportunities is Carnival. Many senior workers enjoy this type of work not only for the work itself, but also because of all the fascinating people they meet along the way.

Another particularly laid back option is to become a travel writer. Just keep in mind that most of this work is on a freelance basis.