What Are Good Topics for Workplace Safety Bulletin Boards?

Workplace safety bulletin boards should include any posters that are required by local, state or federal governments, as well as information and procedures regarding industry-specific safety hazards, such as chemical spills or heavy machinery, says Cynergy Ergonomics. Employers can include other pertinent health and safety topics if space is available.

Most states require safety bulletin boards in the workplace and regulate the information that must be displayed. In the state of Washington, for example, every fixed workplace with at least eight employees must maintain a safety bulletin board. In addition to federally mandated posters on equal opportunity employment, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and federal minimum wage requirements, the board must also display posters that are specific to Washington state, according to Educational Service District 105.

A workplace safety bulletin board should be placed in a prominent location that makes it easy for employees to stop and read the information. It must be large enough to hold all of the required documents, along with additional topics the employer would like to cover. Popular topics include procedures for proper lifting, tips to prevent work-related injuries and accident statistics, states Cynergy Ergonomics.