What Are Some Good Tips for Naming a Fundraiser?


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Some tips for naming a fundraiser include giving the cause a human face whenever possible, knowing your demographic, picking a theme that’s consistent with the purpose of the event and crafting a name that’s distinctive, informative and fun.

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People are moved to donate money when a cause appeals on a personal level. Giving a fundraiser a human face by including the name of a beneficiary, for example, makes it clear to potential donors what the money will be used for. Further, work to make a human connection with a name that shows donors what they have in common with the recipient.

When picking a name for a fundraiser, it’s important to know where the money will come from. For instance, if the fundraiser is a benefit for no-kill animal shelters, know the profile of a typical donor to such causes. Especially for causes with wide appeal, knowing the demographics – age, income, political affiliation, etc. – of the people who donate most often helps focus the message that the event’s name will convey.

A themed name can be engaging and eye-catching, as long as the theme is appropriate to the cause. For instance, though engaging, the name “Go Hawaiian for Cancer Research” may not set the right tone. However, “Grass-Skirt Hula-thon to Benefit Cancer Research” tells donors how the money will be used, while inviting their active participation in an event that’s fun.

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