What Are Some Good Things to Sell at Flea Markets?


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Good items to sell at flea markets include toys, seasonal clothing and books. Bestsellers tend to be inexpensive commodity items such as cheap sunglasses, T-shirts and jewelry.

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Many thrift store sellers purchase their items from wholesalers, aiming to have their prices slightly lower than the prices for similar items at local "big box" stores. Different items are popular in different areas, so it is a good idea for potential sellers to visit a flea market and see what people are buying. Seasonal items can also be a good idea, as they are often available for lower prices in the off-season, but can be sold for somewhat of a premium when they are in season. For example, winter hats and gloves might be bought at a discount in April and sold for more in October.

Other flea market sellers sell used items, often purchased at thrift stores. Books, DVDs, records and other media can be purchased cheaply at thrift stores and then sold at a slight mark-up at a flea market. This can also be true of toys and other children's items that may only be used for short amounts of time. Other ideas include fresh produce, posters and photographic prints and covers for cell phones and other electronics.

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